The restaurant

In addition to a revitalizing night’s sleep, you can also enjoy the superb upscale dishes prepared by our kitchen chef, Pascal Fuchs. He perfectly combines the rich history of the prioress to contemporary gastronomy. Your taste buds will be pampered from beginning to end. A real culinary experience!

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About the chef

The new prioress kitchen chef, Pascal Fuchs, is a former student of the Ter Hercke Hotel School from Herk-de Stad. He did his internships in prestigious houses in Belgium and abroad. He regularly follows courses to keep himself informed tot he latest advances in gastronomy.

He has developed his own style. He brings a personal touch to all his dishes, whether they are French, Spanish or Italian, all countries he particularly likes.

In each of his culinary creations, he sends you love of his trade and good products. Pascal makes it a point of honor to work with products of first quality. Privileging local products and short circuit, his clients also have the opportunity to taste beers, fresh vegetables, goatmilk and even eggs coming straight from small local artisans. Moreover, in terms of meat and fish, he can count on the best suppliers on the market. Eager to promote quality products, olive oil, herbs and delicatessen come direct from Italy. With such arguments the kitchen chef can only conquer the heart of his new customers.