A rich history

Before the domain became an hotel, the domain of Conques was like its name indicates … a prioress! The history goes back to 648, when saint Remacle, bishop of Maastricht, orders the construction of a monastery in Conques. In 1773, the prioress was offered to the monks of Orval, who made it a home of study and rest. Abandoned for years, the prioress was bought by the family De Naeyer in 1942. Renovated in 1963, Florimond and Simone De Naeyer made it a luxurious and warm establishment. An annex is built in 1990, next to the former prioress adding 8 additional rooms to the hostelry. In January 1996, the torch has passed to his son, Francis De Naeyer, who takes over the exploitation of the hostelry, helped by his wife and his son Jérome. The hostelry is completely renovated to meet the requirements of today. In 2016, after years of good and loyal service, the family draw its reverence and agrees a well deserved rest. The prioress was sold and the new team strives to perpetuate the tradition while breathing new wind into Conques prioress.

An unforgettable stay at the Conques prioress

Come live an experience out of time at the Conques prioress. Located in a beautiful park bordering the Semois, the place is imbued with calm and serenity. Coming to the Conques prioress, is starting your day with a view of the pastoral landscape and enjoy a delicious breakfast of high quality. Strategic point, you will be amazed by the multitude of activities offered by the region. Lovers of walks, you will have the opportunity to discover our beautiful region through various trails. The castle ruins of Herbeumont will offer you a splendid panorama on the valley and the Semois. Another must-visit is Orval Abbey, located just 20km from our hotel. Let’s not forget to mention the fishermen who will have plenty of time to fish along the Semois.