ATTENTION – Winterclosure from 1 December 2019 till 9 March 2020!!

You are looking for a destination to relax? To enjoy the beauty of nature? Come for a walk in the Ardennes! Or, even more sporty, come with your bike to enjoy the challenging and green environment. Or pack your unread books and book a weekend with us to read.

On just a two hour drive from Brussels, Antwerp, Eindhoven and Maastricht, our rustic hotel with a B&B appearance is situated at the banks of the beautiful river Semois in the wooded and hilly Belgian Ardennes.

Where time has stood still.

A hotel with a B&B quality

After our winterclosure from 1 December 2019 till 9 March 2020, we will change into a new direction! In our rapidly changing world in which we simply fly all over the world, there is a particular demand for authentic rustic experiences, as you can look forward to wit hus from 10 March 2020. A hotel with the homely facilities of a B&B.

Under the inspiring management of Patrick Portal, which has come to strenghten us from  2019, you can come and enjoy his hospitality on our estate, the beauty of the surrounding and the peace. The rustic gastronomy in our area, but no longer on our estate, takes care of your inner man.

A short history of our hotel

Before the domain became an hotel, the domain of Conques was a prioress! The history goes back to 648, when saint Remacle, bishop of Maastricht, orders the construction of a monastery in Conques. In 1773, the prioress was offered to the monks of Orval, who made it a home of study and rest.

In 1942 the family De Naeyer became the owner of the property.The river Semois and the ponds were exploited as fishing grounds, mainly for eel and trout. The surrounding meadows and forests were also treated.

1963 was the year that Florimond and Simone De Naeyer renovated the prioress into a cordial hotel. An annex -the Residence- is built in 1990, next to the former prioress.

Since 2018 Prieuré de Conques has been in hands of a new owner. The original values and respect fort he history are going side by side with the fresh wind that blows now. Prieuré de Conques has become a rustic hotel where you can enjoy the appearance of a B&B. Start the day with a view of the vast nature and a relaxing breakfast. Use the facilities of the hotel and the possibilities in the area to keep you entertained throughout the day.

Another drink in the bar and then under the wool of your charming room.

Culture, nature or adventure

A champagne toast, a trip to Luxembourg and the Conques viaduct or a visit to the Orval brewery. Due to the central location of the hotel you can go in all directions! We are happy to help you with bookings and other information.

Descend into the heart of the slate, enjoy the scenery around the hotel or follow the rushing current of the Semois. It is all possible in the vicinity of Prieuré de Conques!

Can it be more adventurous? Then there are plenty of possibilities in the neighborhood to boost the heart rate. Go kayaking on the Semois, hiking or cycling in and around the woods, hunting and so much more.

Knowing more?

Please contact us without obligation for further information.


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Where time has stood still

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